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The Promise


Students work hard at school and provide community service


Amador Public Schools prepares students for college and career success


Making sure qualifying Amador County students get to the next step


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Amador Promise scholarship program work?

  • All Amador County graduating seniors who have attended since 9th grade qualify (Argonaut, Amador, and Independence/North Star).

  • Parents do their part by supporting learning and committing to a college savings plan.

  • Students do their part by making a commitment to stay focused, work hard in school and provide community service (High school requirement: 10 hours per year/40 hours total)

  • Amador Public Schools does their part by ensuring all TK-12 students are learning, progressing, and achieving to reach their full potential and graduate from high school prepared for college, career, and citizenship.

How is it different from other scholarship programs?

Amador Promise is a community led effort to build an endowment fund that expands college and career options for Amador County youth. In addition to building an endowment fund for annual scholarships, the Amador Promise project also seeks to increase the number of individual college savings plans, accelerate K-12 student learning, and improve the career and college preparation of Amador County K-12 students. It is a unique partnership program between the Amador County Unified School District, Amador Community Foundation and California Scholarshare.

If I donate money to the Amador Promise endowment fund, where does it go?

All contributions to the Amador Promise Endowment Fund will be held as a component fund at Amador Community Foundation (ACF). The Foundation is charged with managing, investing, and accounting for all donor contributions. Fund statements are provided annually or as needed on the endowment assets, investment returns and scholarship awards. The foundation charges a small administrative fee, assessed quarterly on the outstanding fund balance. This fee is based on the prevailing Administrative Fee Schedule of the Foundation. For more information call ACF at 209-223-2148.